We Are

thali supper club, a pop-up dining experience that serves a set communal-style dinner of regional indian dishes. Our suppers are once-a-month events and reservations are taken on a first-come first-serve basis. The evening's theme changes with each supper as we highlight the food of cities, empires and occasionally my childhood.




Your supper

For a few luxurious hours, our guests enjoy a glimpse into the vibrant world of India through food. Our dinners are an expression of culinary heritage as much as they are an exploration of fond memories and family traditions. 

Depending on the theme for the evening, your thali may comprise of the rich curries of the Raj, Kolkata's street food, or the likely dinner of a subsistence fisherman from the Bay of Bengal. Your supper will be served in generous helpings and preserve the customs of Indian hospitality. Second helpings of your favorite items are encouraged.